Saturday, July 14, 2007

Carlos Slim is #1

What I find most interesting about Carlos Slim is his name. Yes, ha ha he's not slim. But what kind of last name is that? He's Mexican of Lebanese immigrants. But is Slim a Lebanese last name?

What I find most interesting about the article is that his rise to financial dominance is because of his desire for power. And just like the Beatles said 'can't buy me love', and maybe for my point here it would have been better to say 'can't buy me health.' Now Mr. Slim is a widower and may be suffering from heart-related health problems. Maybe that's why he's looking to be more generous with his financial fortune and not give up his monopoly.

As I see it: He earned loads of cash because he wanted more power, not money. Power begat money and now his health is possibly waning, which money may help fix but can't guarantee. Does he not care so much for the money as long as he keeps the power to make him feel alive? So he donates because it's not the money that he values.

From a story I heard, 'As long as I put my two feet on the floor in the morning, it's a good day.' I wonder if Mr. Slim would feel the same way.

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