Monday, July 2, 2007

If I could have dinner with anyone...

Well since Arthur Miller is deceased, I'd have to say Beatice K Otto is at the top of the list -- with a close second by Margaret Bruce. (Margaret Bruce is a leader in Design Management and co-author of one of my favorite books on DM, "Design in Business")

Beatrice K. Otto on Design Council's website. Ms. Otto not only covers my favorite topic at my favorite organization in the whole world, but well, actually that's it. Favorite topic, favorite organization -- therefore I'm a fan. I've never met Ms. Otto and so believe that having dinner with such a person would be stimulating conversation and hopefully in London at Wagamama on Lexington St in SoHo. My first and still favorite location.

(Yes, I'm an anglophile and absolutely in love with Wagamama. When I lived and travelled to Brighton (1998-1999) and London (1997-2001), Wagamama was only in the UK and one in Ireland (I think). Now it's spreading like the most delicious of trends. Finally there is Wagamama in Boston, but when will it come to my home of NYC?! Hopefully soon.)

If you want to know anything about good "big D" design believe that it's probably on the Design Council's website.

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