Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Patron, social networking, branding

The community is an extension of the brand's "Simply Perfect" global, integrated marketing campaign. Members are encouraged to "ID" their PatrĂ³n bottles by entering the handwritten numbers on their bottles of tequila to find out the history of that specific bottle, such as the field in Jalisco, Mexico, where the agave was grown and the year it was harvested, distilled and bottled--a way of deepening the connection between consumers and the brand.

Members are also encouraged to contribute their stories related to a variety of topics: drinks, cars, food, technology, music, and more.


There’s not too much content on the site now but it’s a pretty cool idea. It reminds me of a site that was out a few years ago where you typed in the number on your dollar bill and you could see the "travel history" of the bill if others had done the same. Clearly it was all community-based and not something that was tapped in to the US Treasury since the bills don't have RFID otherwise they'd be tracked and no one needs that.

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