Tuesday, July 3, 2007

marketers, banner ads, the future of?

Marketers Seek a Banner-Blindness Cure - WSJ.com

I think they're missing the point. It's not something that needs a cure, it's something that people are blocking on because it has been and continues to be a lot of crap. More often than not, something that you don't want and just collects your personal information (cookies) for the marketers own use.

Did anyone else experience on Yahoo! mail the 10-day auction for something about American Express and NBC? All I know is that the damn banner ad was in Flash, took over the top half of my browser screen for a few, precious seconds to get my attention with what felt like 50 times during two days. I didn't want it, I couldn't tell it to stop, and I inadvertently clicked on it twice. It opened a new window which I promptly closed and was annoyed to have to do. Forget reading it or being enticed to find out more.

It's not a blindness it's a purposeful avoidance of having your time wasted and cookies put on your machine.

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