Saturday, July 14, 2007

English candy bars rule! (Yes, really, they do)

I completely agree with this article.
"The World's Best Candybars, English of course"

I never thought that Hershey's was good, it was just chocolate. My first trip to England and my first candy bar there made me realize what I had been missing. And oh, how completely exciting and fun it was to look a the candies and chocolates on their storeshelves, how totally different and more interesting!

I was thinking, THIS is what Cadbury's is supposed to taste like? What the hell is with that crap they give us at home? And then, and THEN I had hot chocolate in Paris that blew my mind, and friends gave me chocolates from Germany and Switzerland. But the candy bars from the UK do totally and completely rule!

I'm just grateful that between Carry On Tea & Sympathy and Myers of Keswick (shops both in the West Village, in what should be re-named "Little Britain") are nearby.

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